TkkrLab @ Wirwar by AnnabelZeno (@zeno4ever)Photo29-11-2022
Space Button!Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo10-11-2022
Xbox swap van boardZeno (@zeno4ever)Photo4-10-2022
Tkkrlab all the bannersMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo27-4-2022
Led matrix, it's processing :DMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video27-4-2022
Flipdot working again!Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Video27-4-2022
The workshopMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video27-4-2022
New lathe for the workshopMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo27-4-2022
Linear motor soldered forcers for pick and place machineMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo27-4-2022
Badge shitty addonsMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo27-4-2022
Leafnode at TkkrLabZeno (@zeno4ever)Photo23-1-2022
Nanoleafs mood lighting.Zeno (@zeno4ever)Video18-1-2022
Pick and place x-axis with headMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video11-1-2022
Motor driver mount pick and placeMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo11-1-2022
Camera mount pick and place headMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo11-1-2022
Camera mount bottom view pick and place headMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo11-1-2022
Buttons for the presentation / gaming roomRenze (@r3nz3)Photo22-12-2021
x-mas decorationZeno (@zeno4ever)Photo9-12-2021
Hardware hacking 101, find the serial portRenze (@r3nz3)Photo21-11-2021
Printing trusses.Hoxolotl (@Hoxolotl)Photo15-11-2021
Keyboard raisers 3D print.Hoxolotl (@Hoxolotl)Photo22-10-2021
An AD530LD under the microscopeRenze (@r3nz3)Photo6-10-2021
Another MCH2022 badge assembled, this one is going to Anne Jan! πŸ₯³Renze (@r3nz3)Photo5-10-2021
New storage boxes 😁Renze (@r3nz3)Photo2-10-2021
We made a square :DMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo17-9-2021
Prusa mini printers ftw!Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
3d Lego flowers :DMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Looking glass demo astronautMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video14-9-2021
New sound system in the spaceMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video14-9-2021
3d print challenge winnersMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Tkkrlab legoMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Gent hackerspace led tableMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Dave the BorgMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Gent hackerspace impression during newline eventMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video14-9-2021
Gent hackerspace TetrisMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Laser cutter installed in space 6 and ready to use!Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Tuned linear motor again for allee rentree demoMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video14-9-2021
Prototype design of pick and place machineMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo14-9-2021
Tafel hackerspace gentZeno (@zeno4ever)Photo14-9-2021
Mario lost bits (remix)Zeno (@zeno4ever)Video3-8-2021
Christmas shaaark!Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo3-8-2021
No data found….Zeno (@zeno4ever)Video3-8-2021
Stofzuiger 😬Renze (@r3nz3)Video3-8-2021
Sometimes you need to have some fun at work!Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo3-8-2021
Everyday I'm clustering, clustering! 🀩Renze (@r3nz3)Photo3-8-2021
Shaaark!Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo3-8-2021
Demo van de knoppen met LCD schermpjeRenze (@r3nz3)Video3-8-2021
Leuk nieuw speelgoed: knoppen met een LCD schermpje 😁Renze (@r3nz3)Photo3-8-2021
Dagje rutbeekMark (@MarkOfApproval)Photo3-8-2021
Relais rekenmachine van een bezoekerMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video3-8-2021
Metaal knippenAschwinVideo3-8-2021
Doing the mathAschwinPhoto3-8-2021
Lascursus bij de WOTAschwinPhoto3-8-2021
Hackerproof bloemen πŸͺ΄Renze (@r3nz3)Photo3-8-2021
Snijplank met banaan voor schaal. Aangeschaft om Inflatables te gaan maken op Bornhack.MichelPhoto3-8-2021
Succulent park with 3d printed bench and lamp postHengamehPhoto31-7-2021
MCH2021 prototypes πŸ˜„Renze (@r3nz3)Photo31-7-2021
Solderen kan je lerenRenze (@r3nz3)Photo31-7-2021
"hidden" cable πŸ˜‚Renze (@r3nz3)Photo4-6-2021
Temporary electronic lock: done!Renze (@r3nz3)Photo4-6-2021
Our new modem for the Freedom internet VDSL2 with pairbonding, a guide on how to configure this in combination with an openwrt router will be published soon (tm)Renze (@r3nz3)Photo28-5-2021
Work on the new space continues...Renze (@r3nz3)Photo28-5-2021
Less than 5 minutes walk from the space.Jenny (@JennyList)Photo28-5-2021
Our new home.Jenny (@JennyList)Photo28-5-2021
De nieuwe meterkast voor de nieuwe space, nu nog de kabels voor de nieuwe groepen aanleggenRenze (@r3nz3)Photo16-5-2021
Kabelgoten in de nieuwe spaceRenze (@r3nz3)Photo16-5-2021
Nieuwe space!Renze (@r3nz3)Photo16-5-2021
Piranha invasion!Hoxolotl (@Hoxolotl)Photo20-4-2021
Blije LEDs, die nieuwe firmware krijgen 😁Ulf (@dl5ulf)Video20-4-2021
Rhombic Dodecahedron infinity lampYvo (@Yvodehaas)Photo20-4-2021
Smt tape feeders are awesome! First time testingMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video17-4-2021
Fancy diy wooden rgb lights for TkkrLabMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video17-4-2021
Testing out some spot welding aluminium(5kw laser spot welder)Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Video17-4-2021
Sign for spacecast.Zeno (@zeno4ever)Photo17-4-2021
Diy linear motor first test(open loop)Mark (@MarkOfApproval)Video17-4-2021
Maximum throughput 8mm tape feeder smt pickandplaceMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video17-4-2021
Diy linear motor demo movementsMark (@MarkOfApproval)Video17-4-2021
Hello!Renze (@r3nz3)Photo17-4-2021
Inside the vending machine (2/2)Renze (@r3nz3)Photo17-4-2021
Inside the vending machine (1/2)Renze (@r3nz3)Photo17-4-2021
The vending machine, reassembled. Now with 97% more RGBRenze (@r3nz3)Video17-4-2021
DemoReel100 strikes againRenze (@r3nz3)Video17-4-2021
New lights for the vending machineRenze (@r3nz3)Photo17-4-2021